Notification on player session removed?

We are attempting to construct a matchmaking service capable of connecting new players to existing game sessions that have had players disconnect. Is it possible to receive an event from GameLift when a player session has been removed so the service can immediately connect a new player if one is waiting in the queue? We could accomplish this by constantly polling for Game Sessions with available player sessions, but that seems less desirable since the connection will not come as fast and the results from SearchGameSessions are considered a snapshot (according to the API).

Thanks @jeff.chamberlain.rt

Yes – the feature has not yet been released. It is in development, currently.

If you can provide me a fleet id, I can contact you offline via email with more information and understand your scenario better. Unfortunately these forums don’t provide DM capabilities.

Hey @jeff.chamberlain.rt

While we don’t currently have plans to create notifications for player session disconnects – SearchGameSessions is your best bet for now – that is something we can add to our backlog. I can see how convenient and efficient that would be for your matchmaking service for sure.

Also, have you had a chance to evaluate the Amazon GameLift FlexMatch matchmaking service to see if it meets your requirements for matchmaking? We have a feature we have recently prioritized as part of FlexMatch that exposes an API for FlexMatch made matches to search for new players for matches using the same rules that were made to create the matches in the first place.

Thanks for the response @Matchmaker

We have been looking at FlexMatch and would really like to utilize it for our game. At this point however, it does not appear to meet our requirements. You can DM me if you’d like to discuss the specifics of our game further, but we basically need our matchmaking service to connect new players to existing sessions. The feature you’re describing may do what we need, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t appear to be released yet?


I just launched a fleet with the following ID:

Hopefully that will allow you to find me. Thanks!