Number of Asset Processor Threads

Does anyone know if the number of rc process threads that Asset Processor use is configurable? My PC is pretty much sleeping when it has 3000 objects to process and only 6 threads doing it. I want to increase that.

Anybody? Bump!

Hey @RobertW2048,

After speaking with one of the subject matter experts for the Asset Processor, they have verified that you are able to change the number of threads through the AssetProcessorPlatformConfig.ini file.

Something to be aware of though is that there is a known bug regarding the Asset Processor trying to sync up with a Perforce server, which is what is causing some of the delays in processing the assets while it waits for a request or a time out from attempting to contact the server. If you are not using Perforce, a workaround would be that you could change your environment variable for P4PORT to localhost within your user environment (P4PORT=localhost). This will help the P4 Plugin point to your local machine instead of the “server”, which should force it to fail instantly and skip over the hangs when trying to process the assets.