O3de not opening

not sure where to ask this. I downloaded o3de from Github and built the engine and then Built the project with gems but it won’t load past the splash screen
any idea what’s up?

The main place people talk is on the Discord server, and and their groups.io group. But this is an issue a lot of people were getting, one person in specific is getting the same issue as you and is trying to figure it out on the discord server with an AMZN guy. I believe it may have something to do with the asset processor, and it not picking up what project you are on.

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why u dont run it from Visual Studio with Debug(F5) and look at the output window to get some hint where the error lies? I disabled Vulkan (helps alot, init routine in Vulkansystemcomponent to false) and use dx12 on my older windows (winversion) vhdx dev env with geforce 1080 Ti & it runs.

The solution I found for make sure all the atom gems were enabled and build the project from the command prompt

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That will work from what it seems this issue is. I feel it is trying to process something that is in a gem which it did not have so it crashed the editor. If you could figure out what it was that would help make it either a required gem, or move the required part to a required gem.

probably disable some gems for example the vulcan gem (u need only one gfx api) or some min set of gems. Also u could hardcore debug the cryedit.cpp (editor lib) in function InitInstance. Breakpoint on CreateSplashScreen, Single Step to CloseSplashScreen, somewhere between u stuck or get fatal error. By the way the Assetprocessor has to convert all stuff (look it is in the “idle” mode! - i think it does not run async). Happy bug hunting!!