Oculus DK2 support in Lumberyard?

Does the engine support it? Can we use the engine to author VR content? Cryengine seems to support VR… can’t find any info on your website.


Hi BartBarlow and welcome!

VR support is coming soon (from the FAQ):

Q. Does Lumberyard support VR?

Yes. We have been actively working on VR within Lumberyard for some time now, and it looks great. We are currently upgrading our Oculus VR support to Rift SDK 1.0, which was released by Oculus in late December. We wanted to finish upgrading to Rift SDK 1.0 before releasing the first public version of VR support within Lumberyard, which will be included in a future release soon.

Will it still support the DK2 version of the Oculus Rift?