Oculus Quest / hand tracking

Does Lumberyard support hand tracking of the oculus quest ?
(i know unity have some asset from oculus for this and it works very good)

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Hi AriusV,

I’ve put in a ticket to the dev team regarding this question.



some answer ?
yes, no (if no, it’s in a “roadmap” or no ? if yes for the roadmpa, when ? this year, next year; don’t know )

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Hi AriusV,

Sorry, we are still busy with Lumberyard updates in the near term and don’t have any additional info on this yet, but we will reply in this post when more info becomes available!

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i start a new project soon (september if i choose Lumberyard, next year if i choose unity), i must know if this feature will be implemented or not.

It’s ok if it’s no available before next year, there are lot of thing i can do to wait and i will take time to learn Lumberyard deeper to be ready .

but if it’s not or unkown,
i must choose now an another engine (Unity 3D in my case) because i don’t want put my project in trashcan or take lot of time to migrate it in Unity after because an important feature don’t exist.

I hope you understan my point of view
( Roadmap it’s nice if you want people continue to believe in Lumberyard product)

is there any chance we have some news?
should we understand that hand tracking will never be implemented?

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no people here ?

@AriusV I’m here, My More topics are the same like you, an example , result is nothing! not Titan Community :

I sent message/invite and I do not hear any sound. @JKingpin @kritinigam @Aman @LS1 @Binky_LMBR , etc

They did not even look at my topic :smirk:

I am making a final decision lately.

I hope I was wrong and there is an answer for me.

Some admins have not been to the forum for a few days.
It may be because of the US election (#Trump2020 :rose: :heart: )

seems Amazon don’t want very much a community around Lumberyard :
no answer, no look of the community needs, no transparency about the roadmap (may be havnen’t it…), no transparency about the dev in github (just a big commit when there are a tag/release)

so no futur ? why i will spend time in this software anymore ?

it’s pity because i seen lot of potentiel in Lumberyard

Based on my analysis here since 2016, I have come to the conclusion that the LY team is very small, They have a small number of people like cryengine team, but I think LY team hard working a new big update …

in this case, it was better to wait 3 years (or more) to announce Lumberyard is out (beta). So it’s better to wait some years again and after, come back to see what’s happen to this engine and if it’s near ready or not to production

NB :
i very like what John R.Diaz did even if some years after is outdated, he sales dream

Hi @AriusV, our dev team is busy working on new features and bug fixes for Lumberyard. The current priorities are primarily focused on improving the user experience and bug fixing. VR and AR related development should come sometime after.

when approximately?
2nd quarter 2021? in 2 years?
I’m not asking for a specific date, but an idea.

If it’s not clear already… it’s pretty obvious they don’t know. If you need this feature I would choose an engine that already has it.

what i expected :

  • the answer is they don’t know or near sure is never or in 3 year or more -> i choose an another engine
  • They think a date (even if in 1 or 2 years max) -> i choose Lumberyard, i work in another aspect (theree lot of things to do so it’s not a problem now) and when this features is ready i implemenbed it

What i don’t want :
i will work 2 years and after the features is not in the roadmap at thi stime so i put all my 2 years in trashcan to change to another engine !

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Hi @AriusV, I’ve checked with the dev teams about the current plans for Lumberyard development and the feature to support VR is planned although it is low in priority. Our current focus is to improve Lumberyard usability through optimizing work flows, automation of various engine pipelines and more customization options for developers on major platforms.

As a game developer myself I can sympathize with the desire to not switch engines midway through a project. So, if you want to preserve your current work and not have to worry about waiting for this feature then honestly I would consider other options.

Best regards, and thank you for your interest in Lumberyard.


thanks, i have my answer.
so i will begin to build my team with unity skill in mind.

I will nevertheless continue to observe Lumberyard from afar, but without project or skills, just out of curiosity.
Good luck