Offset parameter Shape components & StayTrigger Event in Amazon Lumberyard 1.18

Hi Lumberyard team,

I used Amazon Lumberyard since 2016 :wink:

S1) I think better that, you add an offset parameter for shape components like Box shape,Capsule Shape , etc

it helps we can shape trigger shift to x,y,z point on the base an offset shapes , we can move the position trigger with offset param in shapes :slight_smile:

S2) I verified Trigger Events in Script Canvas , you did not implement StayTrigger Event , but what is StayTrigger Node in script canvas ?

I designed a fire area that decreases the blood of the player, but I see that it is not possible with the ExitTrigger/EnterTrigger events to fire, if you can create a type of event that is a OnTick Event with name : StayTrigger that have a behavior Trigger+Tick Events.

I hope , you understood my sentences , it is easy , I implemented StayTrigger but with a boolean variable + OnTick Event , but I think , you better implement StayTrigger in script canvas , StayTrigger is implemented in Unity


Ahmad Karami

a computer teacher / a solo developer / a gameplay programmer / a debugger