On AGS Games and Lumbereyard

Hey Lumberyard team,

Are there any plans for features implemented by the Amazon Game Studios for their own games to become available in Lumberyard, something similar to what unreal does with Fortnite and their games?

New Worlds terrain system for one, wondering why that is missing from Lumberyard.

Thank you


Now that’s a very good question.

That sounds like an good idea
also will the crucible asset pack be available to the lumberyard community, since crucible is discontinuing their development on crucible.

That is a good idea and it’s better to ask the team directly at their community forums at https://www.playcrucible.com/en-us/community

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Alright I’ll definitely contact them and let you all know when I get a response.

Thank you Saulty.

The question here is about availability of features developed by AGS for their own games in lumberyard, not the games them self.

Gems anyone?

Hey Jeff,
My last understanding is that the terrain and dynamic vegetation system used in New World is readily available in v1.26 of Lumberyard. And is covered in the last set of videos on the tutorial channel. Is there something specific that you’re looking for?


Thank you for confirming that

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