Only one UI Canvas Action Listener per FlowGraph?

It seems that it is not possible to have more than one node UI:Canvas:ActionListener in a Flow Graph as only the first one seems to be working.

Even if I have 2 identical ActionListener Nodes all connected to the same input and each to a different output, only one of them will work.

(And also relevant as made this 10x harder to figure out: Why only some Nodes update while debugging?)

Can you make a screenshot of your flowgraph for better understanding?

Since AZ is updating the entity system (towards the component system) the nodes need to be updated to work with the new components. So some are already up to date but not all of them. I think, this is a ongoing work currently.

Thanks for the feedback.

This is working in our example levels. For example in the FeatureTests project the UiComponents level has a flow graph with many ActionListeners.

So it may be something specific to how you are using the node. If you can post a screen shot we may be able to spot what the issue is. Are all of the ActionListener nodes being activated after the canvas is loaded?