Operation is very stuck

My lumberyard is very stuck, it always responses delayed. What is the problem, can it be solved?

Hi @Wanderer
Is it possible , you let me know , you know about this help link?

I’ve checked it, and my computer meets the criteria.
It’s not only game screen, but all the editor. For example, when my mouse is on an option button, it delayed one or two seconds to show highlight.

Does your CPU run above 70%?
Is there a heavy program running in the background?

No, it doesn’t, you see:

Which buttons do you mean?
Mouse buttons or buttons inside UI in the LY engine? or buttons in the launcher ? :thinking:
Please delete terrain Temporary , then, see Do the mouse and buttons or UI work smoothly? :slightly_smiling_face:

The buttons like the toolbar’s button. And also to move the game screen by the mouse would be delayed. They seemed all to be delayed.
I recreated a new level, and it changes nothing. So I guess there is nothing to do with that, I think there is some problem with the program.

Hi @Wanderer,

Do you mind sharing some information about the specs of your computer?

Also, is the delay happening to your mouse, or to the buttons you are attempting to click? For example, do you notice that when you move the mouse, the cursor has a delayed reaction? Or do you instead have issues where the mouse is moving just fine, but when you click a button it takes a few seconds to respond?

Hi @Hawkeye,

My mouse cursor moves well, but I feel the program runs not well, stuck and unsmooth. It makes the work unpleasant.

I told you before to check your hardware and this shot shows that your CPU is weak :slightly_smiling_face:

I am sorry, but I’m not sure which to consult? :confused:

(this is Intel® Core™ i7-10710U Processor(the CPU my computer got) information on the internet)

Hi @Wanderer,

Thank you for the extra information!


I assume you are running on an ultralight laptop. CPUs for ultralight laptops are designed for light parallel workloads and to be extremely power efficient. Although that CPU has a max turbo frequency of 4.7 Ghz, it will only run that frequency on a single core when needed. Lumberyard requires the ability to run at 3 Ghz minimum across multiple cores. You machine is also likely using Intel UHD graphics. While UHD graphics does technically meet Lumberyard’s DirectX graphics requirement, it typically uses shared system memory and does not have dedicated VRAM. This means any data required for graphics travels across the system bus instead of being accessed through high speed memory dedicated to the GPU. This is probably the main reason why you are having issues with unresponsive UI.

This is not a problem we can solve, but I will create a task to update our requirements to make this clear, as ultralight laptops with embedded graphics solutions are very popular.

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