Optimizing big scenes

Friends, there are a lot of objects on my stage. I made modular objects and form from them, buildings, buildings, etc. and the more objects gets into the frame the lower the phps. A total of 3 buildings and fps fell from 160 to 40. With that I have not done yet neither furniture nor effects, nothing. Only simple models and textures. Reducing the range of rendering does not increase the fps. I really don’t know what’s going on. I’m trying to make a big world like in CoD Warzone

How can the level be optimized? I’m guessing it’s all about the shadows of their resolution. That is, the more objects, the more shadows and the more complex the scene. Then how to reduce the range of shadows rendering for certain objects?

honestly there is a lot that goes into optimizing a scene. A big factor is getting rid of shadows for objects far away, and very far objects drop the textures down to something like 64p because there is no use for anything high on far objects if your going for something like Warzone. Finally objects/meshes need to have lod’s that at the farther ones it should drop dramatically. If you look at warzone buildings through a 12 times scope for about 800 meters away you will see they have no detail, and are just blobs of around 1000 tris. In all the farther you are away the worst everything should get. Also get rid of all items inside houses/buildings as soon as possible. These are a big workload on warzone and they make sure they are all gone after around 200 meters and then the building is all that is rendered. Hope some of this info helps you and others looking for solutions.


And how to get rid of distant shadows and squeeze textures to a minimum?

I found the answer. Adjusting shadows - gives an increase of 30-40 fps


The second thing that is very important

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Also look at VisArea and portals

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Neither the portal nor the visarea, occluder do not raise enough fps. On the stage, the fps is held in the area of 30… Can someone advise me?

If you hide all the scenes from the stage, the phps are still very small. In the editor of phps 10-15, which is very bad