OSX as development platform

We’re currently developing our game using UE4. But as we’ve been focusing on asset most of the time we’d love to take a look at LY before starting with our vertical slice.

We’re a Mac focused team so OSX is our OS of choice. Is an OSX editor on the near term roadmap? If yes, is there an ETA?

Do you have a game engine suppert osx

Looks like they are already on it (from the FAQ). No ETA though:

Q. What device platforms does Lumberyard support?

Lumberyard currently supports PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Mobile support for iOS and Android devices is coming soon, along with additional support for Mac and Linux. Note that Sony and Microsoft only permit developers who have passed their screening process to develop games for their platforms.

Thanks for the reply.

But, well, that sounds to me like a list of supported deployment platforms. My questions is related to platforms that support running the editor.

Yep; it looks like you are right. I am guessing the editor will remain Windows-only then.

+1. Windows is fine for gaming, but I’d NEVER use it for development.

Considering this is built on CryEngine (which also had zero OSX support), I’m not holding my breath - but without support for OSX as a development platform, UE4 and Unity are better options. It’s a shame, the deep AWS network integration sounds fantastic.

+1 to this question, please!

I’m also eagerly awaiting OSX as a development platform.

Our team is already using AWS for the backend on our games, so Lumberyard would be a natural fit. I especially like its promise for easily scalable multiplayer options.

But since all our work stations are Mac, we won’t be able to prototype anything. Running parallels for development is not feasible.

Until then, we will keep using Unity. But I look forward to the roadmap.

To answer your question about the roadmap, we don’t have one to share just yet. We believe that
our customers should drive the Lumberyard roadmap, and since Lumberyard is just
getting into your hands, we expect our existing plans will change. In fact, our
entire team is excited to build a new roadmap based on your feedback, so please
continue to post on our forums and give us your thoughts.

What we can share right now is
that we’re not slowing down, and we have lots more features and improvements
coming in the near future. You’ll soon see VR and mobile support, a new modular
component system that makes it easier to create new game entities and prefabs
(we’ll give you a sneak peak via our blog next week), a new FBX importer, GPU
particle effects support, continued improvements to the new asset processor, EU
support for Amazon GameLift, additional ChatPlay functional for voting, and


@trojanfoe He was referring to the development platform, not deployment platform.

And kind of going off what @Jason had to say, I think it would be in their best interest to focus on one development platform right now. I think before they start working on more development platforms, they need to get some solid feedback on the product right now and ways to make it better so they don’t have to push more rapid changes to multiple platforms. Does that make sense?

When is the Milestone date to have support of Lumberyard for OSX ?


Where can I find a compilation manual for Lumberyard ?

I check the source code and it uses CMake, however there some steps to automate the process.

+1 for better macOS development tools. Until then I may just run bootcamp so I can learn this awesome set of tools.

Thanks for the feedback @mwallace. I will pass along your sentament to the leadership.