Outline effect.


I’m interested in this outline effect


How i can get this in lumberyard?

Thanks in advance!


I would be interested to know this as well.

Would be great to see a feature similar to UE4’s custom depth, that supports multiple colors for outline effects. I know that in UE4 you can also create this effect with a single color using a post-process material. Is that functionality exposed in Lumberyard?

I’ll attempt it myself in the interim, but it would be great if a LY developer had any view on this . . . even just a push in the right direction.


I think this feature was removed from original cry’s renderer for some reason

since there is no more field m_nHUDSilhouettesParam for IRenderNode

we do not able to enable this feature with this flag and m_nHUDSilhouettesParam

  IRenderNode* pRenderNode = pEntity->GetRenderNode();
if (pRenderNode)
pRenderNode->m_nHUDSilhouettesParam = CHUDUtils::ConverToSilhouetteParamValue(r, g, b, a);

but I do not sure about this, and how it should works together

anyways, shader for this feature are still here “Engine\Shaders\HWScripts\CryFX/CommonViewsPass.cfi”

Common_CustomRenderPassPS (…)


OUT.Color = SilhoueteGeometryHighlights( IN )


Thanks for the info! Much appreciated. Now i know where to start and probably don’t have to create a shader.

Don’t know who to mention but . . .

Hi @Amonster_LMBR or @petrocket

Could we please see this feature make its way back into the engine, all polished up, maybe a couple of docs? Thanks for your time.

Anyone have an update on this? I would also like to have outlines but I’m very bad at shaders.