Part01_ScriptCanvas__3DVisualization_Lumberyard 1.24

:boom: Part01_ScriptCanvas__3DVisualization_Lumberyard :white_check_mark: Only Script Canvas (Without Lua & Without C++) :slightly_smiling_face: :point_down:

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All Source Graph (Script Canvas files + UI and Player slice file) :wink: :point_down: :earth_americas:
Part01_All SourceGraph_ScriptCanvas__3DVisualization_Lumberyard (487.0 KB)

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Thank you so much! Thank you so much!

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Wow! The grass is so beautiful! Now I can only use ugly rocks for my terrain. Let me download your ZIP and learn. Thank you!

Thank you @pamgu Iā€™m Glad , so If you have any question, please let me know :blush: :heart:

ā€” additional Information ā€”
Iā€™m sorry :relaxed: I could not upload the models because the forum does not allow me more than 4 MB, for example, the Audi is a 15 MB fbx file :slightly_smiling_face: