Peer2peer hosting problems

Okay, so I have opened port 30090 udp/tcp as that is the default port from what I’ve gathered.

I can host and join the game locally and it works as expected, but when my friend tries to join my IP, the console says “No game session found”.

Usually hosting is no problem for me, when I host other games.

Are we doing something wrong?

Code I have tried, but no dice.

Found some parts of the script in “Gems\Multiplayer\Code\Tests\MultiplayerTest.cpp”, there’s an example within it.

Hi @Qvidd,

The SessionDesc you have seems fine (though you can certainly use a different port if you’d like). Do note that SessionManagerBus.Event.StartHost uses Client/Server mode (here with you as the Server) vs P2P mode. Both are viable ways for two players to create a session and connect to each other though.

Overall this looks like the create player hosted session part of the equation. Do you have separate LUA driving the part for a non-host player to join?

If you don’t have that part just yet my recommendation would be to do a session search and join the first one found (if any). That’s a bit of a simple solution but it should get you to the point of two players talking to each other. GridSearchSessionBus is the EBus you’ll want to use for that.

Let me know if you have more questions here!