Performance between ScriptCanvas, Lua and C ++

Hi, does anyone know if there is a lot of performance difference between scriptcanvas, lua and C ++?
I am developing a first-person controller in scriptcanvas, but if there is too much difference in performance, I would like to develop it in lua or C ++.

You can get away with a lot using SC and Lua you can even create the whole game on Scripting languages, but if you are serious about squeezing every bit of performance program the critical parts in C++ those two will not be as fast as compiled code.

Thanks, I will start using C++ since in the future I would like to make a port for VR and I think I will need all the possible performance, just one more question, do you think that C++ can become obsolete in the future in lumberyard?

My advice is during development:

1-Prototype your ideas using Lua and Script Canvas to accelerate development.

2-Once you are happy with the behavior and mechanics you can either

a. Translate the code of Lua and SC to C++.
b. Keep Lua and SC if they are fast enough.

You take the decision based on performance.

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