Physics Component and MeshCollider

(Lumberyard 1.6.00, Win7 64Bit)

Hi, is this bug? I create two entity and setup all to physics, and if i try MeshColliderComponent on standard primitives work fine (primitive_capsule) but on different (imported from external 3d programm) not work. (14.9 KB) custom file


In the previous version 1.5.00 worked all

Hey @Anatoliy,

reason why the primitive_capsule works is because it has a collision mesh in the .CGF. If you drop in a GeomEntity version of the primitive_capsule, and enable the proxies to be drawn (you can use the cvar p_draw_helpers=1) you can see it has a collision mesh. When I have the editorprimitive.mtl assigned to your .CGF and try to see if it has collision, nothing comes up.

You will need to add a collision mesh in addition to your render mesh for your .CGF to work with the Mesh Collider component (more information available from the docs page here).

More helpful links:

Physics Proxies:

Hope that helps!

But why in previous version all worked and why some objects correctly export from Maya with proxy but some objects without proxy ( all settings in DCC equal). I think have some problem, i try understand in DCC or in Lumberyard Editor (reading .cgf)

If i try create two object and set in DCC one material as “Proxy No Draw” and another “No Physics” all work fine but if use one object and set “Default” sometimes .cfg have proxy sometimes no.

Thank you Ajia !!! You give me correct way to understand that.

How i understand, in Lumberyard 1.6.00 added some changes to .cgf

First need recompile all .sgf in new version. (raw files)
Second in version 1.6.00 added changes for count triangles of proxy mesh, if count triangles
more 10 000 this mesh will not use in proxy.