PhysX Mesh Shape does not seem to collide

I am using Lumberyard 1.13 beta.

I am trying to use PhysX mesh shapes as collider objects. I build up my component entity using Mesh, PhysX Collider, PhysX Mesh Shape, PhysX Rigid Body Physics. I put the FBX object in the assets and “Use Edit Settings…” to set the PhysX settings to use a Convex Mesh (required for using a dynamic rigid body). This all seems to work fine and the pxmesh does get created in the cache and I am able to set this as the PhysX Mesh Shape. So everything looks fine. When running AI/Physics the objects do not collide with each other or the terrain. The only FBX that even remotely seems to work is distortedCube.fbx which is found as a sample FBX in lumberyard. If I take just the default cube in Blender and just export this to FBX and add it to assets this simplest object fails to collide. The pxmesh gets generated, but it fails to find collision. I have tried several meshes both complex and simple and none seem to ever work (even though the pxmesh is created). Collisions with non-mesh Shapes work, but when using a mesh I just cannot get it to work. Has anyone else had any luck with this? Am I missing some thing or is this just too new and buggy. Is there any way of looking at a pxmesh file to see if it is good (they are binary).

I found something a bit unexpected. From Blender I export FBX with a mesh with a child reduced mesh for collisions and named it with _phys (from documentation). The asset gets processed with PhysX and creates a pxmesh. The unexpected thing is that I can now use the mesh (which has (PhysX Collsion Mesh) in asset display) with the CryEngine physics! They work with the default physics engine with full mesh collisions - weird.

I am getting the same issue, I am not sure if it is a bug but I am starting to think it is.

I am getting the same issue, I am not sure if it is a bug but I am starting to think it is.

Here, it doesn’t help that they use odd terminology,unless I’m missing something ?

You aren’t 'export’ing the file you create , you are importing it into the engine to create the pxmesh file for it, isn’t that right , and if you ‘name’ the ‘collision mesh’ , they call just a ‘mesh’ ( agaIn odd term for what it is) then its automatic . Right ? I think somebody needed to proof read :wink: Was very confusing for a moment till I found this thread ;!

Can someone here verify this , if you are still using engine ? Now that I see the ‘menu’ in LY, I see where it says ‘export’, still seems odd given its IN the engine at that point, why do they call it ‘export’ / ;0

Ue4 makes this so much easier and names things logically, but there are things only LY has, hence my presence.