PhysX Touchbend and Wind

We recently updated to 1.28 from 1.25 and have been using touchbend vegetation and cry wind for vegetation. Does anyone know how to update touch bend and wind with the now physx only systems? I see that wind uses force regions and tags, but my automerge vegetation doesn’t respond. FBX’s set up for touchbend now print errors when in a scene “[Warning] Warning: Skinned geometry used without character instance”.

I believe you probably need a rig for your automerged vegetation. Or a root bone at least.

They are rigged in this case. I believe automerge ignores rigging, though. I know it is incompatible with touchbend.

I just know that it didn’t work for me until I made a rig for my grass with actor component

The touchbending FBX pipelines were updated when PhysX support was added. See the new documentation here: Adding Touch (Collision) Bending Effects - Lumberyard User Guide .


Since the switch to PhysX-based touchbending, “automerged” vegetation is not touch-bendable anymore.

Wind bending should still work, but bending due to a PhysX Collider touching vegetation instances doesn’t work if the vegetation is “automerged”.

Thanks for all the replies everyone! I was using physx collisions with touchbend before we updated versions, so I am familiar with the physx workflow and it was working correctly in my project. I reviewed this guide and it is still the same as when I set up these touchbend meshes - so I do not think the fbx set up is the issue here.

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I know that automerge ignores some other functionality - but in this case my automerged vegetation simply does not respond to force regions tagged to be used as wind - so there is no wind bending at all unless I disable automerge. This was not the case in 1.25 for me, but I was using cry wind at the time. The touchbend vegetation actually does respond to the physx wind (as does all non-automerge veg that is set up correctly), but does not generate colliders to carry out touchbend physics in the scene with actors etc.

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