[Pics]Testing my models from roughness/metalness to Lumberyard pbr.

Quite happy with the result on the Desert Eagle, materials looks awesome in realtime cannot be capture in a picture.

I just have to fine tune some black dielettric materials that was turned too bright and brown while was messing with the conversion.I know Lumberyard just come with a black one, but I wanted my gold and chrome ones.

Specs 4500 tris with interiors and clip(quite low poly for the times) 2048x2048 custom normals no hipoly baking fully textured in Substance Designer.

The sad part is that actually I cannot afford to develop a game with this level of graphic so going back to my html5 2d games :slight_smile:

Looks fantastic!

I tested placing more local enviroment probes they look even better as in that pictures there was just one probe at the center of the level.