Planet generation

would anyone know how to generate planets with lumberyard, i’ve been looking all over the internet and i cant seem to find a totorial or explanation on how to do his. Thanks :smile:

I don’t think you can. I think your best bet may be to create a planet in another program like blender and export it to lumberyard as multiple fbx’s. Use empty entities as objects like trees and rocks and have them use the level of display to load in the rocks and trees. I haven’t really tried anything like this but this was the solution I was thinking about doing.

thank you very much for your information. do you by any chance know how to make a gravity that turns the player around so that the planet has gravity?

Few different approaches to this you could take depending on the scale of the simulation.

First, note that gravity is a X,Y,Z direction vector and you can set it via script easily. For instance you could raycast down from player and return the normal of the surface the player is on and use that to set the gravity direction.

Another approach is to set global gravity to 0 via the physics configuration window. Then use the force volume component with the point force settings at negative to simulate gravitational pull.

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