Plans for HTML/CSS/JavaScript UI?

Will Lumberyard ever gain an alternative UI system that uses HTML, CSS, and a cutdown JavaScript like Source 2 has?

With the component entity system coming from Unity, it’s not far-fetched that Amazon will continue to cherry pick the best features of all the great engines. Graphics from CryEngine, Component Entity system from Unity, UI from Source 2, and community/tutorials from Unreal Engine - sounds great to me!

Hey @ReMixx,

It’s good to know you have interest in having more scripting formats supported for UI. I will add these scripting languages to the list. Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!

If you use Qt library for GUI it could be easy to add implement for WebKit component. For first iteration you can add it just for e.g. Windows platform and without outside interaction just for display things in HTML :wink: