Play mp3 audio files directly?

I’m generating mp3 audio tracks at runtime (i.e. the content is procedurally generated based on what the player has done). I can generate the file, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to play mp3 files in real time in Lumberyard? I know CryENGINE V can play audio files OR use ATL; is this possible in Lumberyard?

Hi @jbecke, I’ve filed a ticket with the techs to see if they have a solution for playing the audio. We’ll let you know shortly. Sorry for the delayed response.

Hi @jbecke

Wwise no longer supports mp3, meaning mp3 is no longer an available source type and you can’t drag mp3’s into the Wwise authoring tool to import to your project. If you really need mp3 support, unfortunately it would require integrating a decoder and using Wwise’s Audio Input Source to feed the samples to Wwise.

The CryEngine feature you’re talking about might be using Wwise External Sources, or it could also refer to their SDLMixer audio implementation (e.g. “standalone files”). Currently Lumberyard doesn’t support Wwise External Sources yet, but it has been requested before and we are planning on adding support for it. Note that External Sources is a feature not available to Wwise LTX, and it’s not a runtime feature. It simply allows pre-processed audio files, converted to .wem format, to be specified to playback by name. So they don’t have to be packaged in a bank using this method.

The right solution for playback of audio data that is generated procedurally at runtime is through Audio Input Sources and (possibly) doing decoding from the file manually. We are looking into adding support for this, but it will not include mp3 support unfortunately.

Hope this helps answer your questions!