Player data storage?

I know literally nothing about aws or hosting, am a newbie coming from unreal planning to make an fps game, think call of duty, I see nothing at all covering storage in pricing, so where should i be looking, for persistent player data storage, ex: level, unlocks, etc.

Hi @Bits360 ,

For storing player data with Amazon solutions, you have two options:

  1. Managed solution – Using GameSparks. Player data, along with other information like Leaderboard, Achievements, Player Authentication, etc., are all stored and managed by AWS. With this, you do not need to manage your own backend service infrastructure, i.e. no need to worry about learning how to set it up, scaling, security maintenance, etc. You can checkout other reputable game studios that trusts GameSparks today, and diving into their tutorial to get started
  2. Unmanaged solution – Using DynamoDB and other primitive AWS services like Cognito (for auth), API Gateway (for API proxy), Lambda (for running serverless code), etc. Note: this is recommended only for folks who have experience setting up a scalable game backend. Specifically for persistent storage cost, you can find DynamoDB’s pricing plan here. however, note that DynamoDB comes with free tier which significantly reduces the cost, if not provided for free, for small-scale development (see: free tier)

Since the post is tagged with “GameLift”, I’d like to note that GameLift only provides your with the servers to host your server process, i.e. the executable which opens up ports for players to connect. It does not manage player data for you. Given the description of your experience, I’d highly recommend you to check out the GameSparks solution first.