Player movement and Animations?

Hi there,

I’m currently testing Lumberyard after a brief play with UE4 and want to start trying out the Input Component. I understand how to map keys using it, but what I can’t work out from the docs is how that translates to animations. For example, a player character running. Can anyone explain, or point me in the right direction?



Hey @abtekk,

Apologies that our docs are not super clear about this workflow.

When it comes to characters and animations, you will need to set up your character animations through something called an Animation Graph. You can also refer to Animation Editor concepts and terminology for more information and the general location for the docs regarding characters and animation.

So the high level version is that you need an animation graph that determines your character’s states (idle, run, walk, etc.), and you need a script (currently have to use lua, we’re still expanding the Script Canvas tools to provide a graph node scripting alternative) to control or drive the animation graph. The inputs come into play by having your script listen for specific inputs to determine what actions happen in the script that then trigger the appropriate behavior for the animation graph.

We have an example level under SamplesProject called Advanced_RinLocomotion that has a character fully hooked up with the appropriate component entities to show you how everything pieces together. Alternatively if you’re working in SamplesProject, you can simply look for the Advanced_RinLocomotion.slice file (located under SamplesProject/slices) from Asset Browser and just drag it into your level to see all the pieces that make up the character controller.

Let us know if that helps.