playerslice rotate speed too high Game mode+perf. issues

I"ve looked where it seems sensible,and edit >projects settings > global prefs, and nothing works to slow down fairly chaotic movement of ‘camera’ in game mode.

Everything else is working basically but that.

Also, I tried to record video, choosing jpg and starting capture, but its so slow as to be unworkable, and I’m only using medium settings for editor performance.

My rig works fantastically, on teh same scene in unrealengine 4.

I haven’t even textured terrain, as doing a flood of a nice looking rock tex inside engine, and fps goes to 1-4,ouch :)( and I have an i5 3570 (not a k , no) 8gb ram with 8 gb virltual ( on a SSD though ) and gtx 950 gtx 2gb, so clearly it handles most everything I throw at it beautifully.

I know I just meet requirements which is quite odd, as the same scene in ue4 WITH a flood texture does just fine with serveral directional lights going, and a few good sized shaders…in ue4 the only area I"m slowed down in to some degree is when working with BSP’s and the wait time to redraw them after altering one.

Does this have anything to do with using a 32bit terrain ?

I was quite happy to learn ly supports them as I see no other engine that does (not using Unity so no idea there_), as it sure makes a big difference in avoiding jaggies ;0-

Anyway looking for some help on the horribly slow fps on my textured terrain herein LY, any ideas anyone ?


I’m having same problem >> " I"ve looked where it seems sensible,and edit >projects settings > global prefs, and nothing works to slow down fairly chaotic movement of ‘camera’ in game mode."

Well my camera shakes like crazy and I cant find a solution. All I know it has to do with the character physics component, because it stops shaking on my player once I remove it. There is some kind of problem with rotation and physics. But I still don’t know how to fix. I’m using TransformBus.Event.RotateAroundLocalZ(enitity, value ); to rotate my player and its shaking really bad and is seen in the camera. Any help thank you.

DIdn’t have time to post just yet, allegedly if one adds Camera Framework GEM, it my help deal with this horrible shakiness on moving camera in playmode–haven’t been able to test just yet ,hope that helps some

ADDing- I see this:,
but having looking in entity list, I see no where to remove/disable…do
you mean remove from GEM list ? :slight_smile:

That GEM for me isn’t enabled or compiled in , so I"m still no further along in figuring out how to get the speed removed from the playerslice .


Do you , or any other dev or such, know HOW to fix this maddening part of the engine ?

It shakes so bad its unusable , right after adding playerslice to scene by dragging it in.

One of the new tutorials on getting started page, notes to ‘add camera’ to scene, which when I do ( the same camera they talk about in tutorial ) , and after pressing play, there is no player to be seen and I can’t rotate scene - moving my mouse does nothing. I"ve seen 3 or posts on this very issue, so LY is going to be losing a few I suspect which I"m not sure they can afford to at this early stage, given UE4 has it all.

Any ideas ?


@BigMonet @Binky_LMBR

Is this what is needed to FIX very uneven, fast rotating camera , that essentially makes it impossible to preview/work with a scene to test out functionality ? .

Point I"m making, is why is this not included by default ?

There are not such problems in ue4,out of the box is perfection, admittedly, I know, LY is still in beta but its had several iterations so I"m confused why this behavior is still here IF indeed the camera really does fix this odd issue,I"d not mind knowing why its not in by default ;)(


You definitely need the camera and camera framework gems in your project. Luckily, rebuilding the project only involves compiling the new gem’s files and should take significantly less time than the first build (my first build takes 3+ hours, so I feel you).

I used the answer in this thread to get started with camera work:

It mentions five gems for a third-person camera, I’d install all of them unless you want to write your own controller:

  • CameraFramework
  • Input Management Framework
  • Starting Point Camera
  • Starting Point Input
  • Starting Point Movement
    You can adjust your rotational speed from your input bindings file, which is part of the input management framework gem.

To reiterate,if I go to the lengthy compilation process ( my rig isn’t super fast but decent: i5-3570) to add camera gem will it magically fix the chaotic camera movement on display on player slice ( I found no way to fix it short of current discussion), out of the box on current LY install ?

It’s not just me, several others are asking about this, and frankly I can’t imagine why no one else is unless they are using 1st person &/or 2d.


Ty for the info, but I"m in a far worse place than I was, given I’m an artist not a programmer, but I"m dabbing with the latre as I have to obviously. With UE4 I’m not forced to , at least initially as their 3rd person is near perfect out of the box leaving me to do what artists do best, which I have quite well.

I saw that there are supposedly examples in components in the new system, but where would I find them ?

hope this isn’t the ‘state’ of this great engine, bc if it is I"ll have
to pass as there is no way I’m confident enough a programmer to figure this out- I’d have zero idea where to start, unless there is a tutorial I’m unaware of ?

I"ll look thru txt tut see if I can get this working.


OK TY SO MUCH, exactly the verify I was looking for,

Made my day :wink: Happily following you now :wink:

Btw, is
, a workable way to reduce rotate speed as many others have asked ? I can no longer FIND the database icon to open, and the roll up bar tab is
gone too so I can’t click on ENV button to edit those- did they move that somewhere ?

I looked everywhere but its nowhere to be found.


That tutorial was created before the component system existed. The rollup bar and tools it references are removed in a default build, and you probably don’t want them back, the new system has you covered.

Getting Started Guide is the best introduction to component entities, it has a series of 12 tutorials with videos. It doesn’t get into programming though, where you can use both Lua and Script Canvas.

For that, you have the current docs: Lumberyard 1.15 Documentation

The Amazon Game Tech Youtube Channel specifically, the tricks of the trade series have in-depth tutorials that focus on creating things rather than the general assembly of a level.

The Lumberyard Slack is a resource as well: I’m around to chat there.

Making some progress by just using editor as it is and going straight from creation of enitty and adding camera rig- setting up a few variables(?) from there,]

Its still not even close to rights but it feels ‘better’ I think.

Can you check out PIC and see if those are the right areas I need to be altering or if I just got a tad lucky…its a a bit confusing not having sufficient exp. with these values.

My only reference is UE4 whose camera system is wonderful, just didn’t want you wondering why I expect this level of stability ( STABLE camera, on rotation ) .



I’ll post my setup with all the code. It has a player entity and a camera entity. The player entity has an input component that you can control both the player and camera with.

First the entity setup: (I do have the camera as a child of the player but I don’t think that matters here)

So the middle column contains my input bindings. You can see I make it faster going forward than in backward, I put all my multipliers and inverted inputs here to keep things simple later on. (881 Bytes) The right column contains all the components I’ve added to the player entity, the zip file has the input bindings if you don’t want to retype the middle column; here is the script canvas graph for player:

For the camera entity:

I have both the camera and camera rig component on this entity…It targets using a tag (which i added to the player entity with the tag component), but you could also use the targeting box and just click on your player instead. The script canvas graph for the camera is super simple:


In my camera rig I only target, follow from a distance, and i have an offset so the camera is over the player’s right shoulder. All rotation is handled in script canvas and the pitch is only handled in the camera so that the player doesn’t need to lean backwards for the camera to follow.

You might need to copy at least part of this design. For the settings you have right now, I think that Rotate along target’s x axis might be leaning the camera to the right and left. I think the Z rotation is what you expect. The pitch setting might be a bit steep, I’m imagining it is looking up to the sky, if you don’t want to do pitch in script canvas like I did try a low value at first (5-10, even 0 deg is fine). There is no target set for your camera rig in the screenshot and I don’t see a camera component (though it might be on another entity). My setup is working real well for me though, try it out once. Note: one thing with filling values for ‘followTargetFromDistance’, you have to set the maximum first, otherwise all the other numbers can’t be changed.

HI and thx for all that, I’ll have a look tomorrow morn.

The entity picture, sorry I didn’t make more clear’ is the ‘camera’, and the
other one is ‘camera rig’ as in your design- I simply couldn’t find enough info, or clearly stated to a noob (), what values were effective for a stable camera.

TY much for taking time to post all of that.

my attempt to utilize that data will live up to your time here- as noted I"m not a programmer in the sense of yrs of experience but I admire and enjoy it nonetheless, as its a powerful platform & at this time my gifts lie in art but my need to sustain my project has fueled my desire and joy of programming ;)- its been some journey-

I look fwd to using scriptcanvas similarly to ue4’s BP system, & yes clearly your example as laid out is very clear and I’ve no trouble following it. Great job and again TY for taking that time!


How do I invite others in no idea what your email is which it wants,I downloaded app and logged in to Essence channel


Just in case I didn’t get this answered on the Lumberyard slack, the GetForward node was accidentally removed in 1.15.

You can replace the file here with the file from 1.14 until the next update: \dev\Gems\ScriptCanvas\Code\Include\ScriptCanvas\Libraries\Math\TransformNodes.h

HI, trying your setup, but script canvas can NOT find 'GetFor anything, it looks like you have GetForward…is that right ?

Is your script outdated now given changes to certain functions ?


OK sounds good, ty for info.

@BigMonet @Binky_LMBR

Are you still around Steve,

Asking bc I was wondering if your camera is ‘steady’ on rotation, and on Z axis movement, as when I look UP, down, I can’t control ( x ?) the movement very well, its all over the place.

So frustrating I have to deal with this, given the 3rd person character in UE4, out of the box is SPOTLESS.

To LY devs > I know LY is still beta ( it is right ?), but why can’t we have a ‘working’ player out of the box …I don’t really mind using Canvas to visually program some of this ( see below where another use was helping me), but so far I’m having trouble finding > ‘source’ so the vector 3’s are showing up > > in graph search (see my post at bottom of this page).

I can’t do any more dev work until I can literally walk around my level to test it.


@BigMonet @Binky_LMBR

P.s.–months later sorry for delays long story—anyway When I try to pull transform from ‘get world transform’( player canvas script from yours) to get forward, and get right, - it prompts me to choose from a list, but I can’t find ‘source’.

What am I missing …

BTW I’m using latest, 1.7 as of yesterday.

Unable to DELETE images, not working and I did reload website, still logged in so its not that…issues with website code ? ( I just deleted to avoid confusion, but its still an issue, using latest Firefox btw, updated windows 10 pro.

Image showing what I mean, can’t get ‘source’ to show up where ‘self’ is, so I can connect them,

Anyway I wanted to replace with this:

, so its more obvious what I was referring to.

BTW, is this why my camera is still jerky as others have pointed out ?

This just seems FAR too complex, just to get a ‘decent’ X person character, rotating without wanting to pull your hair out :slight_smile: I don’t mind learning about how things work to get a ‘better’ character, I’d just like to get one that works right, initially at least :wink:


Hi @cajunctionAI,

It looks like the Get World Transform nodes are not needed in the current version. The Get Direction nodes are set to use self as the source of the transform, so if you have the script canvas graph attached to your player entity, it will use the player’s transform. The graph should work as-is. You may need to tune the values you use for the impulse.