Please decrease volume Lumberyard 1.19

Hi lumberyard team,

Please Separate Starter Game Sample from Lumberyard 1.19 , Please separate that , for decrease volume Lumberyard 1.19 , The internet is very expensive here , also the Project Starter game sample put a download link for Those who are interested.

Thanks a lot

Ahmad Karami

a computer teacher / a solo developer / a gameplay programmer / a debugger

Hey @AhmadKarami,

I don’t work at Lumberyard but have been using the tech since 2016 and I have a trick for you to limit download when installing Lumberyard.

You can download an offline installer of Lumberyard using the command switches:
“LumberyardInstaller1.18.0.0.exe /layout SOMETARGETFOLDER”

This command will download Lumberyard install files to the “SOMETARGETFOLDER”. Afterwards, you can move this folder on your local network or USB stick to install Lumberyard offline.

This is useful to keep archives of Lumberyard versions or install Lumberyard on multiple computers without having to download it from the internet on each ones.

Hope this helps

you’re welcome , I think , this way is the best that lumberyard team , Separate Starter Game Sample from Lumberyard 1.19

Hi SweetBanditDufour

i think , Separate Starter Game Sample from Lumberyard 1.19 is the best way for all users :wink:

thanks for your tip


I’ll bring this to the attention of our team. I just checked and it adds over 6GB to your download. Thanks for the feedback!

I agree, the LY download is so large, doing so would benefit those without huge bandwidths, like me @ 10mg/s–which is huge to some and tiny to others…we need a sweet spot.

While I’m at it,when one must compile project due to assets added in project config, it forces this huge list of requirements that take a chunk of out precious ssd space , is there no way to limit that devs ,or be able to DIRECT all those requirements to a different hdd ? WHy did they change, while I’m on the subject, the requirements for some assets that in 1.17 did’ t exist ?

Restructuring ?

thank you for that you agree with me , but for Restruct lumberyard , I do not have information , we must wait for lumberyard 1.19