Please Delete Login/Email/Password for Open Editor

Hi lumberyard team,

why when we want open lumberyard-editor , we must enter email and password for login in the editor , please delete this login inside editor.

How many people agree with me?

Hey @AhmadKarami,

Just curious to see more conversation around this topic with the Community but also, are you having to do this every time you open Lumberyard; even though you’ve entered the information before?

Several months ago this dialog box was sometimes holding us from starting the Editor. Since then the situation improved. I’m not sure if it was our office network being the bottleneck. Internet access in China can be slow.

After the Editor login succeed some data is written in the Windows registry and then it’s fine for the following Editor restarts. It might be HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Amazon\Lumberyard\Identity or another entry around that one. If anyone has problems in schools or offices which wipe the Windows registry when a user logoff, I can recommend them to save the full Lumberyard registry keys with rededit into a reg file.

please make a reg key , here , please you upload here

LOL, I’m not going to post on an internet forum my account credentials. Instead, once you first manage to login, and maybe it takes long, you can just save the .key for the next time you have to run on a different computer.

Really, why is there a login in a free software? Why not delete it? :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

It does not need to be deleted, because that is how you connect to all the other AWS implemented into LY. I only ever had to log in once, and never again even on new versions. If they get rid of this how are you suppose to use items like GameLift?

I think , If delete this login via lumberyard team , we can install lumberyard on computers of schools (Internet Offline), I have not seen free softwares for which there is a login window, is not it a bit illogical?

for GameLift ,You can log in whenever needed, not when run lumberyard editor , even once :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s annoying but not that big of a deal. I have to log in to use unreal engine too. The only engine I use that I don’t have to log into is Godot and Godot is MIT license.

I never seen for open editor of unity/unreal that need to login username/password (years ago), Only I use LY since 2016

epic games launcher.

Launcher No! Unreal Editor & Unity Editor, does not show Login window but LY Editor does show login window: slightly_smiling_face:

You are right, but you have to use the epic games launcher to get onto unreal, and you need to log in to the launcher to open it up. Unity I do not know about that one.