Please provide game samples written in C++


Currently I find it hard to find and use basic functions to manipulate the game with C++ (I don’t know if I do it right). I wonder if Lumberyard can provide C++ game samples (that implement simple things like: third person camera, player movement, health bar,… basic stuff to get a simple game). I think the best way to learn is reading code from a simple game. Or at least is there a away I can convert Lua script (I see that you’ve provide plenty Lua examples) into C++ code.


Thank Anatoliy for your advice, I’m currently looking into Lumberyard Source code & Gems, but I just want to discuss a better way to learn the basic faster. I know that to go deeper, we must read and understand Lumberyard source code, but some samples for the basic is nice to have, I think :smiley: Anyway, this is just a suggestion.

Hi HDN. My game fully on Lumberyard c++. And if i want create or learn something new i look in Lumberyard Source code. If you upgrade your skills to learn and read unfamiliar (not yours) c++ code, it will very help to you in future work faster and more easy. Hope that help :slight_smile:

What about: third person camera, player movement, health bar. I think all that things can be created in very many different algorithm, and each algorithm can be bad for you game or very good, only you must create in head what you want and then try create it on c++, and only when you trying create and find some problems community can help to you find answer. But if you ask about Very Big question i think no one not answer you. I hope, that can help to you :slight_smile: