Please publish video tutorials about import sounds & audios in Lumberyard 1.23

Hi lumberyard team,

Please publish video tutorials about import sounds & audios in Lumberyard 1.23.
I hope the last puzzle piece of my big project is completed.
The last piece of my puzzle is how to import & use sounds and audios.

Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face::earth_africa::bulb::rose::pray:

Am seeing if we have an official tutorial (or plans for one). In the meantime this could be useful if using wwise:

Have you got any specific problems / issues in LY 1.23 relating to audio? Or are you looking for more general help?

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Hey @_AhmadKarami thanks for watching our channel and being active on the forums.
I’ve added your message to our Tutorial queue, and will work on this soon.

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Hi Pip,

I have a big project in lumberyard until summer 2020, I start with link video that you sent , your link is helped to me, thank you , for first time I test audio system in lumberyard , I think in my new project, I cover 70-90% systems and tools in lumberyard , if I find new bugs in ly 1.23 , I report, thank you my friend :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: :rose:

Hi JKingpin,

You are welcome , I’m glad I can make my games with lumberyard in private and public school in my country , thank you so much for you /your team want do my suggestion, great my friend :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: :rose:

Hey @_AhmadKarami in the meantime while I work on that, @TheDevShop has some videos that may help you out from 2018:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Let us know how this works for you.

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thanks a lot @JKingpin
I downloaded three top video , Now , I understand how to work sound in lumberyard I think wwise audio system is very bad

1ne : wwise does not support all sound/audio formats

2wo : I have a good idea , of course my idea is old , Why LY team not change wwise ot a new audio system?
A system that works in the background , example users can drag and drop various audio files directly into assets browser.

3hree : Occasionally in the audio editor in lumberyard or even the lumberyard editor for some long, short sounds/audios the current sound system does not work.

Thank you so much for your support in video tutorials :pray:

@_AhmadKarami glad to hear you are up and running.
I’m currently working on my own set of Audio implementation videos and wonder if there is anything additional you were wondering about with regards to audio.
I see your perspective on this.
The way Lumberyard now works is that the Wwise integration is a gem that can be enabled or disabled, if you have another audio middleware you’d rather use instead of Wwise. In using Lumberyard you are not tied to Wwise and are free to use others, just need to write your own integration. You also have many audio programs to convert and export audio into wav to be read into Wwise if that’s your only limitation.
Hope this helps. I hope to release these audio related tutorials beginning in May.
Stay tuned.

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