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@JKingpin It is necessary to identify the main advantage of the engine over others. For example (since, as far as I know) the engine is optimized for multiplayer games. That needs to make a few lessons on the subject, how to just make a multiplayer game. Take a sample by example. And after that, I can do PR. This is a good tactic I believe. We need to do a master class with a demonstration. Your haven’t had a column like this yet. Maybe it’s worth starting this category of video!
Showing how cool experts do it is easy and easy. I mean a multiplayer. Then then I can do PR for the Russian-speaking community. And we have a big one! Now it’s just hard for me to persuade people to switch to our engine, because it is not quite clear how to do this or that thing concerning the multiplayer. Although on the same unreal engine end it is not easy to do

Multiplayer is a topic that I am studying and ramping up on and will be working on over the summer. This is a hot topic that you along with developers on the Discord channel have been requesting and I’m now reaching the point in my work to take it on.
Stay tuned, it’s coming, but will take me sometime to completely cover it. Maybe in the interest of time I start with basics.


Okay, thank you, I’m glad you’re listening!

It would be amazing if your also touched on the creation and use of the gamelift server and the creation of some objects that would transmit data to the server and another player. Connecting and moving characters on the map, as well as some events that would occur. It’s important. Amazon provides the opportunity but does not describe the process of working with it and with our engine. Thank you for what you do!

Hi @JKingpin :rose:
Thank you for your GREAT video tutorials , and Please make video tutorials about AI Nodes Script Canvas + AI Tree Nodes in Script Canvas :slightly_smiling_face: I previously created these video tutorials and implemented artificial intelligence at 1.18 (ONLY SIMPLE AI not AI Trees :blush:) but now I can’t 1.20 - 1.24 , because there are bugs in it and it hasn’t been fixed yet :sob: That’s why I repeat these requests so that you don’t forget. :wink: :pray: Thanks :video_game: :joystick: