PopcornFX v2 for Lumberyard

How to install this awesome program in the engine? I have not found a single guide to this. But the site says that it is very easy to do. But how? Help me please! I need this technology to create particles

Hi didzey. If you use this link.You will find " Other plugins will follow. In the meantime, if you need information about the Unity or Lumberyard plugins, please contact us." I hope here can help you.

I can not send a message. this status is already half an hour, I tried to update, change the browser, but it doesn’t help

Try from Company->Contact->Support

ok, i will try to write to the mailing address. Are you using PopcornFX already? What can you say about this technology? It’s comfortable? Practical? And thank you for your help!

No, i not tried this technology, just wanna help you found solution :slight_smile:

at the moment, the technology is available only to selected large companies for the development of computer games. For indie developers - alas … but in the near future they promise to make access for small studios

I just saw this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3z924fpKhw

I was hoping there’s been an update for lumberyard using PopcornFX???

Hi @wcb Lumberyard does support PopcornFX, although you will need to contact PopcornFX for the Gem to be used with Lumberyard. Hope this helps.

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I contacted them, they said that at the moment they cannot provide access to small studios or individual teams. They only give their technology to big studios. But in 2021, which is most likely, our engine will have this tool and we will be able to use it!

That’s lame. Do they only give their unreal plugins to “big studios?”

And I don’t know why they follow such a policy… Maybe the product requires some modifications, I’m not sure