PopcornFX v2 for Lumberyard

How to install this awesome program in the engine? I have not found a single guide to this. But the site says that it is very easy to do. But how? Help me please! I need this technology to create particles

Hi didzey. If you use this link.You will find " Other plugins will follow. In the meantime, if you need information about the Unity or Lumberyard plugins, please contact us." I hope here can help you.

I can not send a message. this status is already half an hour, I tried to update, change the browser, but it doesn’t help

Try from Company->Contact->Support

ok, i will try to write to the mailing address. Are you using PopcornFX already? What can you say about this technology? It’s comfortable? Practical? And thank you for your help!

No, i not tried this technology, just wanna help you found solution :slight_smile:

at the moment, the technology is available only to selected large companies for the development of computer games. For indie developers - alas … but in the near future they promise to make access for small studios