Possible Flipbook Animation Bug

I have been messing around with the FlipbookAnimation component for the UI, and I think I might have found a bug that occurs when you set the Frame Delay to small values (values less than 0.0300; it is more likely to occur with smaller values), and setting the Loop Type to “None.” The steps to reproduce are as follows:

  • Create a UI element with Image and FlipbookAnimation components
  • Create a flipbook sprite and create the appropriate rows and columns. The sprite sheet I used is 6173-guy.pngguy.png (modified from here).
  • Set the Frame Delay to a small value (e.g. 0.0166 if using the given sprite and going through all of the animations, or 0.0100 if doing a single row), and set the Loop Type to “None”
    • I have set up the sprite so that the character is blue when one of the animations should be over.
  • Either preview the UI canvas, or run it from the editor proper.
  • Notice how the sprite doesn’t always end up in a blue state
    The only workaround I can think of is increasing the frame delay, which isn’t desirable in my case.

Hey @Roosevelt.Boyland – sorry for the troubles. I’ve added this to our bugs list for further action. Thanks for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:

The patch is working @DB and @Amonster_LMBR! Thank you very much!

Hello @Roosevelt.Boyland,

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Indeed it does seem like an issue when the Loop type is set to None. I have attached a patch that should fix this issue for you. We will include the official fix in a later release.

Let us know!


Awesome! Glad it’s working :smiley:

Thanks for looking into this @DB!

For any future viewers, this bug is also present in 1.13. The patch will work for that version as well.