PowerVR Tools help!

Hello, I’m having a problem with PowerVR tools. I’ve installed it but once I do it gives me this error “Unable to clean up the target folder:” I tried to remove everything but the files listed but that don’t work either. Not sure what is blocking the cleanup. Anyone know how to fix this?

screenshot below


I had to reinstall the PowerVR tool to the same path. I just didn’t realize I didn’t follow instructions correctly. Also I unticked the read only on the folders but to do some clean up I had to manually delete those files. All is good now though, thanks!

Hi @3DMetamorphosism

Is it possible the folder is read only or maybe the files got extracted in the wrong folder? I recommend uninstalling the tool, deleting the C:\Lumberyard\dev\Code\Tools\SDKs\PowerVRTexTool folder and re-installing.