"Primitive Collider + Polygon Prism" Problem

Hello all.

I am having difficulty “Primitive Collider + Polygon Prism Problem” component combo working. It is ismply not functional for me (

Here I just imported a simple model and used the said component combo on it. Then plaeced a physicalised sphere above it and it just falls right through it. Also the 3rd person character (Jack) walks through it too.

Pics below.


Hey @TAN,

I couldn’t quite tell from your images if you also had a Static or Rigid Body Physics component on the entity as well, but it does appear that there is a bug when trying to use the Polygon Prism Shape component as a primitive collider. The other primitive shapes are working though, so for now you will need to use one of the other shapes. We’ve notified the team of the bug as well.

Thanks @Ajia

Hey @Armen,

Short answer is no, this has not been resolved for the Primitive Collider (Legacy) component.

Longer answer is because it is tied to the legacy CryPhysics system, and we are encouraging our users to switch over to using PhysX. There is a PhysX Collider component instead now, but it does not work with the Polygon Prism Shape component. Your current shape options are Box, Capsule, Sphere, and PhysicsAsset (which is a custom mesh that is imported into Lumberyard).

Let us know if that helps.

Hi @Ajia,

Has this been solved yet?