Problem with Unreal+Steam?

Well, in our case. We use UE non-steam online subsystem to connect to our gamelift server. (We’re running 50 instance per server, and we can’t do that with Steam. It won’t let you open more than 1 instance/server to my understanding. Even if it’s not so, it’s too cumbersome to use steam. We might consider switch to other service too.)

Well everything works fine, except that after we open Steam’s in-game purchase, UE switch back to Steam online subsystem. SO after that we can’t connect to gamelift server via the non steam connection.

Any advise how to get around this issue?

Is there a specific error you see when you switch back to the non-steam connection? Are you sessions active at this point?

My guess is that when you switch the network connection, the socket connection to Gamelift’s process manager is broken, ie a SDK disconnect and Gamelift considers your server instance to be unhealthy and it becomes marked for termination.

You may get more of a response to this question on the unreal forums as it may be looking for a way to use the steam online sub system while maintaining existing active server connections (or opening non-steam connections).

I will ask around as I know some games are using both steam online and gamelift.

Well the problem is, we don’t know how to switch back from Steam sub to null subsystem. I don’t even think you suppose to have two subsystem in the first place. (My guess is Steam sub is automatically invoked to connect to their purchase server, thus override our null subsystem.)

Anyone know how we can close steam subsystem and revert back to default null system mid-game?