Problems Increasing Max Instance Count

Running into the same issue. How did yall resolve this?

Apologies that you are having problems scaling your fleet.

Can you describe in a little more detail about the problems you are having? Are you having problems scaling from 1 instance up?

You may want to run:
aws gamelift describe-ec2-instance-limits --region?

which should show you were your current limits have been applied.

Under the GameLift console, you should be able to see the limits applied to your account.

If you are hitting your current limits, you will need to cut a ticket through AWS support to have your limits raised. Need to provide what instance types, new limits and regions you want.

Hi @pip,

Whenever I spin up a fleet and then try to increase the maximum instances in that fleet I get this error:

Also as you can see I am well within the account limits.

aws gamelift describe-ec2-instance-limits --ec2-instance-type c5.large
    "EC2InstanceLimits": [
            "EC2InstanceType": "c5.large",
            "CurrentInstances": 0,
            "InstanceLimit": 20

Any ideas?

Apologies for the inconvenience here.

I would guess you have a fairly new AWS account and its being internally restricted wrt to how many EC2 instances you can have at any time (below the published defaults of GameLift).

You will need to open an a request with AWS support. Let them know you would like the defaults limits for GameLift (though you may have to phrase this as a limit request for x c5.larges for GameLift in a certain region) but let them know you can only provision 1 instance currently.

AWS support will work with you to lift the limits on your account. They should be able to fix this very quickly.

Hi @pip,

Thanks for replying so quickly.

I have been working with AWS support the past week or so, they seem like they are expediting the request now so hopefully will be resolved soon.