[Problems/Suggestion] Deactivate Game Entity/Activate Game Entity Nodes in Script Canvas 1.25

Hi lumberyard team :slightly_smiling_face:

I implementing a script canvas graph for Optimizing Mesh Entity in my level, I use LY 1.25 , I found two nodes with names “Deactivate Game Entity” & “Activate Game Entity”, that two nodes unable to disable or enable their children, please add nodes for disable or enable their children entities , like “Destroy Game Entity And Descendants” node.

In these pictures you can see that there are barrels and boxes.
Boxes have child mesh entity but barrels do not have child mesh entity , So the “Deactivate Game Entity” node cannot disable children, and this is also true for the “Activate Game Entity” node :wink:

Internet is expensive in Iran, so I could not download 1.26.

You probably know this but you can get the children and “for each” iterate over them and disable them individually that way.

Thank you :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes , I know , but it is the bad solution :no_entry:

I was want implement runtime LOD for many entities by script canvas graph, but I stopped
0-30 meter :=> tiny objects
31-50 meter :=> small objects
51-150 meter :=> big objects
150-300 meter :=> huge objects

increase the game frame rate is very important :slightly_smiling_face: