Problems when learning Lua on 1.25

Hi All. I’m happy to have 1.25 and I’m learning Lua. But the User Guide is for 1.24. I’m exercising the sample on its page 3052. I fount two problems. The first is: I cannot navigate to the directory (as shown in the picture below). I “solved” it by copying the Lua file into StarterGame.

The second is the error when running:

---------- END STACK TRACE ----------

[Error] (Script) - lightflicker.lua:42: attempt to call field ‘ToggleLight’ (a nil value)

---------- START STACK TRACE ----------

=C: ToggleLight

@lightflicker.lua(42): ?

I have run the sample. The changes are:

  1. ToggleLight is renamed to Toggle
  2. Diffuse Multiplier of Point Light should be large, such as 100.
  3. Move the light point nearer to the ground, so you can see the light over ground.

But I still want to know how to navigate in Pick Lua Script dialog.

Hi @pamgu
I suggest to you Script Canvas node base language , I think you can learn very fast script canvas , This is samples of script canvas (without lua & without c++) :rocket: :globe_with_meridians: :point_down:

soon , I publish new great part 04 of 3D visualization(Only Script Canvas Without Lua & without C++)
I think , you or other people like that sample :boom: :muscle: :muscle: :video_game: :joystick: