Problems with OpenGL drivers

Hey everyone.

When I try to run the Setup Assistant a error pops up saying that the program needs OpenGL 2.0 or newer. So the problem is that my graphics card (even if is old and from Intel) supports and have already installed OpenGL 3.1 as you can see here:

(Left side: OpenGL Checker. Right side: The error.)

I tried install the Windows SDK, all and every single one of my drivers are up to date, I can’t use the OpenGL ES emulation libraries because it needs the 4.1 version (which i found so funny). I even install three times the engine.

Also (as you may imagine) the Project Configurator, and Editor doesn’t run as well. Only the Editor show me the splash screen and start load but then nothing happens. The Asset Processor seems to be working fine.

So hopefully someone can help me fix this issue. Or at least tell me that there is not solution.

Hey @AlbertoCaballero, we’re sorry that you’re experiencing issues with this install — I’ve reached out to our tech team to assist on getting this resolved ASAP :slight_smile: stay tuned for answers!

Hey @AlbertoCaballero - sorry for the extensively delayed response. The team has target a fix for this topic in an upcoming release :slight_smile: