Problems with Perforce integration


We are starting with a new project and setting up our work with Lumberyard.

We created a repository, installed the P4V client and it works fine from the client itselfs.

in Lumberyard , since we get the message that the configuration ( which
is done by the config file used by the P4V client with the same values)
is wrong.

The LY console prompt tells that the plugin is loaded successfuly and at a bit later message line it say " Perforce is connected. "

But the icon for perforce integration show a non connected (x) though and saveing something produce an errormessage in the console about "perforce is not connected "

In the last statement of this post

is mentioned, that the integration does not work with SSL. The server we are using is on an assembla space and it is indeed an SSL .

post is from 2016, so it might be possible that this was solved and changed in the last 2 years and i have to search the problem somewhere else ?

Or is it still the fact that the perforceintegration doesnt work with an SSL server ?

Any help is welcome . And i thank you in advance.