Project Building

I know that this has likely been mentioned before as a suggestion, but just in case it hasn’t I’m suggesting it. I really want to see this Engine thrive and I would like to grow with it. That being said, as someone with little experience, the build process for a project after adding gems could be better.

Maybe on the same page in the Project Configurer that is used to choose gems, the ‘Save’ button could just automatically ‘Save and Re-Build’.

This may help with new users instead of having to open the command prompt, navigate to the dev folder and then run ‘lmbr_waf configure’… etc

Maybe I am lacking in knowledge and this is not possible for some reason, but I believe that cleaning the startup process with adjustments like this could pull in more indie studios.

I have used versions previous to 1.19 but only am just now beginning to really try and dive in with 100% effort. Though it is in beta and that comes with complications, I wish to and also intend to stick with Lumberyard. I have a great feeling about this engine.

Again, sorry if this is a re-post.