Proposal for adding a new tool for artists - Vertex Painting

I’m doing an urban scene now, and you know, I understood one thing. Rather, I realized what tool is missing. I asked about this a few months ago. And so I came that such a tool would not hurt, in order to diversify the models to create different scenes. I know that there are decals, but this is not so much perfect. I would like something like this tool. More universal or something. I think many would like such a tool.

I just want to suggest, maybe you already have this in your plans, but that would be a very cool idea

Here after some time I decided to ask again. Are there any plans to add this awesome feature to the Lumberyard engine? In another engine (UDK or Unreal Engine) it is called "Vertex Painting"

It seems to be the only tool that is missing now in our engine! I would like to see it added by the developers
Why do I ask him to add it? The fact is that by creating a lot of modular objects and building a scene of gigantic scale, the only way out of creating a variety of scene is this tool. Judge for yourself. Of course we can use decals, but it’s not that comfortable, and the decals have to be a huge set to make really different from each other’s assists

Hey @didzey,

Thanks for the suggestion! This is definitely an area we’re interested in investigating.

Vertex painting in the viewport falls into a wider category we’re currently calling Brushes. This is the ability to ‘paint’ onto the scene from the viewport. The interesting thing is this actually has a ton of applications (one is Vertex Painting, but there’s also things like height-field displacement, vegetation placement, Vertex Smoothing etc…).

We’d ideally like to provide an API for a system such as this and then allow it to be used in a wide array of contexts for use with lots of Components (e.g. the White Box Component and say the Mesh Component).

Things are still quite early but we have some cool ideas and should have more to share in future.

Thanks for the reminder of how important this is, we’ll keep you posted about future developments.




Thank you very much for your attention!

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I decided to remind you again about this technology, I hope we will soon be able to see something similar

I really hope this get added soon because that would be great to have an brush api where you can interact with the level via the viewport

Totally agree - it’s on the list I promise :wink: There’s just a lot else on at the moment unfortunately. We are super passionate about improving and building on the Editor tools and this is definitely an area we’d like to see develop.

It’s great to know people are interested in this, we’ll keep you updated when we can share more.

Thanks again!