Public Roadmap for AWS GameLift and perspectives with AWS GameSparks


Now I am choosing between Azure Playfab and AWS GameLift as a hosting platform for my game.

The most annoying thing with AWS GameLift is that it has no even a public roadmap (Playfab has). Playfab has much more features for the game projects like built-in communication functionality, leaderboards, and much more. But with GameLift I cannot even imagine, is it a concern for the GameLift development team and when they will work on it.

Another question is about the GameSparks. Are there any estimations about when it will be available? Which features will be available at the start? Pricing strategy?

Such questions are really important when you are choosing between two major public clouds.

Thanks in advance!

@JamesM_Aws maybe you have more information (I hope).

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