Pushing matchmaking updates to mobile clients in real time

We are listening to FlexMatch notifications using SNS to Lambda and writing session info to a DynamoDB table. Our game runs on iOS through Unity and our backend exposes a REST API. We currently have the client poll our API after starting matchmaking but we want to switch to some kind of a push mechanism.

What is a good AWS based solution for pushing matchmaking updates to the client? Looks like AppSync has some kind of a pub-sub tech but might require adapting to a GraphQL paradigm & writing a .NET wrapper to the AppSync iOS library. Maybe APNs with silent notifications through SNS? Is APNs reliable enough for anyone’s experience?

Hi @zakyg, I don’t have much experience with APNs, but it seems like the closest a solution to the use case you’re looking for. The most common pattern we’ve seen is the client polling an intermediate DynamoDB table which is setup to record all FlexMatch notifications, similar to what you have today.


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