Put friends in same team in GameLift/FlexMatch when game is created

I want to put a group of people in the same game session and team regardless of where in the world they are. I do not see in flex match docs how to force some player Ids to be in the same match or anything like that. For example, in a game like Dota, you create a party with your friends, and then any game you join you will be in the same team as your friends. Is there any way to achieve this on flex match?
Thanks a lot for any help.

Yes you can prefill a team and let FlexMatch handle finding matching players for another team(s).

If you know everyone in the match then you can just skip flexmatch and handle the placement yourself (ie StartGameSessionPlacement).

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See How to implement a party matchmaking for lots of information and links to other useful threads.

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Can i just prefill a part of team? For example, in a 5-vs-5 game like Dota, I create a party with just one friend, can FlexMatch support this situation?
Thanks a lot.