Quest System and Inventory System

Are there any tutorials or helps in setting up a simple Quest System and Inventory System?

I am new to game development. I’ve used Unity and Unreal. I’m drawn to Lumberyard because of it’s integration with AWS. I like it’s UI (maybe not too important but I like it more than the others).

In addition, I’ve been reading up on Lua.
Lua appears to be a clean, fast, and efficient programming language.


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Hey @Gardener,
Welcome :wave:t4: to the community. I manage the tutorials guide and YouTube channel, and you’ll find there are others here who contribute videos on their own channels.
We don’t have any specific tutorials on a Quest / Inventory system on our channel/guide, but will happily put this on the bounty board and will get to this as soon as we can.
In the meantime maybe someone else on the forums can offer some insight?

You can find a list of video tutorials on this post:

Good luck and I’ll post back as soon as we’ve got something to help. If you’re not a subscriber on our YouTube Tutorial channel, please hit that subscribe button where we aim to upload new content roughly every week.

A :eyes: spoiler for what’s next, adding sound :sound: to your project.

Just came across this and thought it can offer additional perspective on using AWS Aurora for handling a large scale inventory system if you’re dealing with lots of players.