Question about "Creating a New Entity Class" guide

Hi I have a question about the following guide:

	 Editor = {
Model = "Editor/Objects/Particles.cgf",
Icon = "Clouds.bmp",

The icon is displayed in the editor but not the model. The Particles.cgf file exists and no error appear in the console output when I reload the script.

What´s the mistake?

Thanks for your help

Hello @faehreri,

Sorry for the late reply!

If you look at the Display function (line 2473) in EntityObject.cpp it seems to show the model if there is no texture icon available or if you have both bShowIcons and bShowSizeBasedIcons set to false.

To configure those values, right-click on the Perspective viewport window and disable the checkboxes for “Show Icons” and “Show Size-based Icons”.