Question about Gamepad

Hi All. Does Lumberyard support PS3 gamepad? Such as this one:

And, is thumbstick_X bool or short? If it is short, what’s the range? -32768 to +32768?

Thank you!

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Yes, any controller your PC recognizes should work.

Assuming that is an analog thumbstick, the gamepad_thumbstick_l_x value should be a 32 bit float with a range of -1.0 to 1.0.

A quick way to see what sort of value is returned, is to use Script Canvas. You can add a BuildString node and a DrawTextOnScreen node to any numeric value you can access in Script Canvas, and it will display the values in real time on screen when you test the game.

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Hi @microAMZN,
Thank you. I’m purchasing a gamepad.

Hi @microAMZN,
Now I can control a ball with gamepad. Thumbstick position is float. Thank you.

Hi @microAMZN,
My PS3 can vibrate, I want to make it vibrate with Lumberyard.
In the User Guide I found this:

But I can find neither haptic nor AZ in either Script Canvas or Gems.
Where they are? Or must I use them with Lua?

Thank you.

Hi @pamgu I was wondering what type of game you were making? You do not have to answer if you do not want to, but I have been seeing you talking about realistic roads/places and you are wondering about controller. I was just wondering to see if you are going to try to export to consoles, because only one game (that I know of) has been exported to consoles from Lumberyard. I wanted to know how exporting to a console is working for people. Because I plan on exporting to console after prototyping is finished, to see if everything works smoothly, and I cannot find any docs on Console export.

Hi @WashedUpStudios. I want to develop a game based on real enviroment. For example, racing on a real road. But I’m a fresh in this area. My job was industrial automation. I have not developed any game. So I cann’t be that people.
I’m curious on “exporting to console”. What does it mean? What’s the benefit? Does it mean building a Setup package so the game can run on a PC without Lumberyard?
Thank you!

No, for the setup package to run on PC, is “exporting to PC”, I was just wondering if you were going for consoles like Playstation or Xbox. The benefit is more people to see your game to play it, a whole new community to share your game with. I do like the idea of your game, I hope you get far in the developing and get the game to the release. :+1: