Question of group matchmaking in an example of "players vs monster"

HI everyone

I’m currently testing group matchmaking in the example of “players vs monster” below.
Actually the example, “players vs monster”, has 5 players and 1 monster but I changed the number of players into 4.

5 users not in group were properly matched (4 players and 1 monster) and then I tried group matchmaking
but the group matchmaking didn’t work. The group consisted of 5 members as 1 monster and 4 players.
The matchmaking rule set below, is shown.

Code below, is in Lambda to request matchmaking. “Eedro” is monster and the rest of users are players. (I put users’ names in this Lambda code for an example)
Group member are using the same matchmaking ticket id.

playerAttr = { “WantsToBe” : { “N” : int( 1 ) } }
playerAttrEedro = { “WantsToBe” : { “N” : int( 2 ) } }

playersInformation = [
{ “PlayerId” : “Aedro”, “PlayerAttributes” : playerAttr },
{ “PlayerId” : “Bedro”, “PlayerAttributes” : playerAttr },
{ “PlayerId” : “Cedro”, “PlayerAttributes” : playerAttr },
{ “PlayerId” : “Dedro”, “PlayerAttributes” : playerAttr },
{ “PlayerId” : “Eedro”, “PlayerAttributes” : playerAttrEedro } ]

match_response = gl_client.start_matchmaking(
ConfigurationName = globalConstants.GetConfigurationName(),
Players = playersInformation,
TicketId = matchmakingTicketId )

The code is called 5 times because the group has 5 members.

Besides, I removed monster team in the matchmaking rule set like another rule below and changed the number of “maxPlayers” and “minPlayers” to 5


In this rule set, group matchmaking works.

So what is a problem with the group matchmaking including monster?

Any help is appreciated.

There is incorrect text.

“WantsToBe” -> “WantsToBeMonster”

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