Quick Little Question

I did a full disk wipe and got a new ssd and it has been almost 2 months since the last update, and I was wondering if I should wait for the new one or install 1.21. ps my download speeds where I am at are very underwhelming so if any news on it being out in a week or two I will wait, if longer I will start this version up. Thx for any advice :grin:

as it stands, we have no idea if an new update is dropping before the year is out, even though we are close to previous release drops, we dont know what the next one entails, meaning if its significant additions and changes then it will be closer to December if not early next year…

I would say install 1.21 as we dont have a definitely on release drops i think you are good atleast for the rest of this month if not rest of the year (fingers crossed im wrong lol)


Thanks I started the install

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